Facial Tattoos

There are different types of tattoos and almost any part of human body can be tattooed. Some areas allow easily hiding the art and some are always in sight. Facial tattoos are probably the most noticeable and impressive. There are lots of aspects regarding facial tattoo and if you are thinking about getting your face tattooed, you should think carefully. I should mention that I don't talk about cosmetic tattoos such as lip, eyebrow and eye permanent make-up.

Or course, facial tattoo designs are versatile and it may be just a small and almost unnoticeable design as well as large facial tattoo. Usually facial tattoo is chosen by people who want to open the mind to something new and push some boundaries. It is the way to show the world and other people that the norms invented by society are just airy rules and any person has the right to ignore them referring to one's body.

Facial tattoos have been widely practiced among native people but the modern society hasn't fully accepted them. Person with a facial tattoo will always be in the center of attention and will meet appreciative as well as negative reaction. If this is what you want and you are ready for that, prepare carefully for your facial tattoo.

First of all, you should find professional tattoo artist who will agree to get you tattooed on the face. The matter is that facial tattoos involve some risks and not all tattoo makers will take on. Facial tissues are difficult to tattoo and are far more delicate than, for example, leg or neck. And most tattoo artist care about the clients and understand that facial tattoo may not be loved by law enforcement, prospective employers, relatives and other people who affect your life. If you realize that and still want to get facial tattoo, you should think about the choice of tattoo design.

If you enjoy tribal designs and want a rather large tattoo, black ink images traditional among some ancient cultures are for you. Moko tattoo is the facial tattoo worn by Maori tribes. Harquus is traditional facial design for women in the Middle East and North America. Extreme tattoo designs which cover almost the whole face are striking and unique. The design can be abstract or symbolic. Small tats designs look cute and it may be a flower, star or sun, small Chinese symbol.

Teardrop tattoo is well-known design. It's placed underneath the eye. This tattoo originated with Chicano gangs in California and means that its wearer has killed someone. Later teardrop tattoo got other meanings including the death of loved one, pain and suffering and usually widespread among prisoners and gang members.

If you are not dead sure about getting facial tattoo, you may get temporary henna tattoo and see how you will feel about it and make sure people's reaction suits you.

If you are ready for getting real facial tattoo, make sure your tattoo artist uses sterile tattoo equipment, high quality tattoo gun, sterile needles and disposable tattoo tools, tattoo ink by trusted brands. Ask for aftercare recommendations and what tattoo healing products it's better to use. And good luck!