Punk Tattoo Designs

There are various cultural groups of people who share interests in music, philosophy, literature, etc. And it usually happens that people from one social group have similar understanding of beauty and style. Tattooing is one of the most popular ways of beautifying and self-expression and some groups really enjoy getting tattooed. I'd like to have a look at punk tattoo designs.

Punk culture is based on non-conforming appearance concerning hairstyle, clothing and accessories. America and Britain felt it for the first time in 1970's when the punk culture flourished. Punks follow the rules of their own universe that they have created and the opinion of "normal" people makes no difference to them. And such attitude towards life and style also concerns tattoos. The total freedom and amazing craziness of punk life is seen in the tattoo designs they choose. Usually they are essentially visible and head and facial tattoos are widespread among punks.

Punk tattoo designs are often connected with punk music and it may be a quote from the song or the image of favorite punk-singer. Punk tattoo is usually a form of protest- they stand for rebellion, anarchy, disgust or horror. They are mostly deeply meaningful but some striking and just well-made abstract designs are also met.

Punk rocker tattoos, punk cupcake and punk skull tattoos, punk star and punk rock pony tattoos are widespread. Knuckles are usually tattooed with the word "Punk".

As I have already mentioned, punks prefer the visible areas of the body for tattoos and sleeve tattoos, finger and wrist tattoos, chest and neck tattoos are popular.

Some punks associate their culture and themselves as modern tribal people and tribal tattoo designs are often seen on their bodies. We know that in ancient tribes the body and soul were thought to be identical things and tattoos existed on spiritual and physical realms. Most tribes from Borneo believed that tattoos offered them some special qualifications for occupations and would get them to the spirit world. Tribal designs are versatile and highly valued by people who appreciate rich spiritual folklore. Celtic crosses, Maori tribal designs, Hawaiian themes and tribal fairy styles are popular tattoo designs among punks.

Biker tattoos express the freedom of punk culture and dragon tattoo designs as well as other animal designs stand for physical strength. Mary Jane tattoo designs are also popular.

As most punk tattoo designs are large and sometimes done at the most uncommon areas, special care should be taken. We shouldn't forget that our beliefs and religion, freedom and our life itself are important when we are healthy. The usage of sterile tattoo needles, sterilized tattoo supplies and tools, high quality tattoo gun and tattoo inks are really significant. If you are going to get tattooed, think carefully about those aspects and choose professional and creative tattoo artist. Good luck!