Urban Body Jewelry

Facts about Pure Silver and Sterling Silver

Along with platinum and gold, silver is one of the classical precious metals widely used in jewelry. Silver is a chemical element (number 47 on the Periodic Table) which is usually alloyed with ores of copper-nickel, cooper in nature and then separated out and purified. Extremely high grade silver is upwards of 99.999 per cent silver and 99.9 per cent silver is more common fine silver. Pure silver with other metals added (about 7.5 per cent copper) is sterling silver.
sterling silver earrings

An Armlet- a Magnificent Piece of Jewelry

Jewelry worn around the upper arm like a bracelet around the wrist is called an armlet. These unusual pieces of jewelry have a very long history. The fact that they have been worn for thousand of years and were popular in many ancient cultures is proved by archeological discoveries and artwork. Armlet is often referred to as an armband or arm ring. They are made from gold or silver and can be narrow as well as wide.

Wedding Tattoo Designs

All people have some plans and ideas regarding their wedding and nowadays it has become popular to make unique and unexpected things to surprise the guests and everyone. Of course, the love and the feelings of the couple are much more important but there are aspects that should be thought over beforehand and the choice of wedding bands is one of them. People who want to make a statement about their big and true love go for tattooing nowadays.

Types of Body Piercing Jewelry

Since ancient times people have been searching for the ways to change their outlook and to attract attention and body piercing is one of the most ancient types of body modification. Body piercing is extremely popular nowadays and people of different ages, social positions, occupations and interests, countries and sexes pierce their body for various reasons. The main reason of modern world is beauty.

Classical and Piercing Jewelry

People wear jewelry for various reasons and self-defining is one of them. Jewelry has been a symbol of social status and wealth from ancient times and nowadays women, girls and men all over the world buy jewelry as a gift and for themselves because they know the importance of beautiful jewelry pieces in daily life as well as when you go out for special dinner or business meeting.

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