An Armlet- a Magnificent Piece of Jewelry

Jewelry worn around the upper arm like a bracelet around the wrist is called an armlet. These unusual pieces of jewelry have a very long history. The fact that they have been worn for thousand of years and were popular in many ancient cultures is proved by archeological discoveries and artwork. Armlet is often referred to as an armband or arm ring. They are made from gold or silver and can be narrow as well as wide.

In ancient times not only women but men as well wore armlets. In some cultures, Sri Lanka, for example, some men wear a traditional armlet on their wedding day. Nowadays it is typical for women to wear armbands with a sleeveless garment. The armlet accentuates the features of a woman with a slimming effect and shows the contrast of metal to the soft skin.
The armband can be a simple metal band or an ornate work. Many armlets also have a Celtic knot pattern or sculptured snake and a serpentine texture. So, such particular motifs or styles are popular as costume jewelry. Arabian dancers wear armlets to complete the outlook. It's great to wear stylish armlets n summer as well as with special outfits all the year round. There is a wide choice of different styles, designs, materials and sizes for various arms and lifestyles. And you will surely find the one perfectly matching your style.