Classical and Piercing Jewelry

People wear jewelry for various reasons and self-defining is one of them. Jewelry has been a symbol of social status and wealth from ancient times and nowadays women, girls and men all over the world buy jewelry as a gift and for themselves because they know the importance of beautiful jewelry pieces in daily life as well as when you go out for special dinner or business meeting.
In ancient Egypt people highly valued gemstones and pearls were the highest regarded gems. Nowadays silver pearl jewelry and white gold pearl jewelry is worn at formal occasions as well as in daily life. You can choose elegant pearl jewelry that is perfect for wedding or dinner in the restaurant, presentation or formal party. There is also the widest choice of small and lovely pearl jewelry that can be worn at work, at home and whatever and is a good choice for girls.
Organic jewelry that has such a long history is popular among teens and adult women as well. Men also wear jewelry made of organic jewelry, especially in summer. Stone, wood, bone, shell and other natural materials are also used in body piercing jewelry. Body piercing jewelry is extremely popular nowadays and some types of body piercing are the most widespread. Ear piercing has become the common type for teens as well as for adults. Belly button piercing is done by celebrities, teen-girls and women all over the world to show the beauty of the belly and attract attention to this touching part of the body.

We meet all imaginable types of body jewelry. Variety of materials, designs, shapes, styles and gauge sizes makes possible to choose the jewelry you really want to wear to show your personality, to match definite clothes and to be unique and attractive. For those who like bright colors and colorful funny designs, glow in the dark belly button rings are available, for example. Elegant silver CZ nose jewelry comes in variety of shapes and colors. If you like quality and gold, you may choose gold captive bead rings that suit almost any piercing in definite gauge size. Lovely butterfly or heart navel ring looks great and skull and bones bell button ring is for those who like unusual and eye-catching jewelry.
Piercing jewelry in gold and silver looks chic and can be worn even with elegant outfits for special occasions if we talk about nose, eyebrow or ear piercing. Some is available in black colors and look rather gothic. Titanium jewelry is lightweight and looks really nice. Surgical stainless steel is one of the most popular piercing jewelry materials and is recommended for fresh piercings. Organic piercing jewelry shouldn't be worn for long period of time but it looks immensely attractive and unusual.
Everybody makes the choice according to his own taste, wishes and lifestyle. And you may choose wearing classical jewelry or do piercing and enjoy wearing eye-catching and maybe provocative piercing jewelry. The main thing is that you make steps to look better and create your own style and unique outlook.