Types of Body Piercing Jewelry

Since ancient times people have been searching for the ways to change their outlook and to attract attention and body piercing is one of the most ancient types of body modification. Body piercing is extremely popular nowadays and people of different ages, social positions, occupations and interests, countries and sexes pierce their body for various reasons. The main reason of modern world is beauty. And everyone chooses the body piercing jewelry to match the wardrobe, lifestyle and to look attractive or provocative.

There is such a wide choice of jewelry for various types of body piercing our days that everyone will find the perfect jewelry piece. Body jewelry can be grouped into the categories by its material, its shape, its gauge size and its price. Let's discuss the main types of body piercing jewelry according to the shape.

Barbells are most frequently seen in eyebrow, tongue, belly button piercing and some kinds of nose piercing. Barbless can be curved and straight. Slightly curved barbell is also called banana barbell and fully curved barbell is known as horseshoe or circular barbell. Barbells may have balls, cones, dices and whatever at the ends. It makes the choice of barbells almost endless. Ball CZ barbells or colorful dice barbells look great.

Studs are usually worn in small gauge piercings such as nose piercing (nose studs), lip piercing (labret studs) or ear piercing (ear studs). Stud piercing jewelry looks more elegant and attractive and is the best alternative when a ring will look too much. Studs may have gems, spike or flowers and other figural designs.
Captive bead rings are the most common used for almost any piercing type- nipple, ear, eyebrow, navel and nostril piercings. They are secured with a bead screwing or snapping in at the base and are really comfortable and safe to wear. Captive bead rings are available in different diameters and gauge sizes as well as materials and designs.

And what are the most popular piercing jewelry materials?

Surgical stainless steel is the most used, especially for fresh piercing because steel jewelry allows piercing to heal and rarely cause allergic reactions. Titanium is light and strong material that is available in many colors. It's also perfect for fresh piercings. 14K gold is classy and widely used in belly button and ear piercings. Sterling silver isn't recommended for fresh piercings and is usually worn in nose and ear piercings. Nobium is for those who want to make the piercing more noticeable and enjoy the variety of colors and high quality jewelry. Organic materials look great in piercing but they are recommended for short-time wear and can cause irritation of the piercing. If you want your piercing to look great, wear the jewelry of proper size, shape and the material your body fully accepts.