Wedding Tattoo Designs

All people have some plans and ideas regarding their wedding and nowadays it has become popular to make unique and unexpected things to surprise the guests and everyone. Of course, the love and the feelings of the couple are much more important but there are aspects that should be thought over beforehand and the choice of wedding bands is one of them. People who want to make a statement about their big and true love go for tattooing nowadays and wedding tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Marriage finger tattoos used instead of traditional wedding rings as well as wedding tattoos on other parts of the body are available in multiple designs and there are no limits for creativity.

Most couples prefer getting shoulder or chest wedding tattoos. Initials or names of each other tattooed in the same style, shape and size at the same place look great. The design may be combined with heart image, wedding bells or anything you want that reminds you about your loved one and your love.

Ring finger tattoos are also popular and look awesome.

Every culture has its own traditions of celebrations and weddings. Tattoo is a part of Irish culture and Celtic tattoos symbolize everlasting love and togetherness.

Linked rings tattoo on the ring finger stands for unending love and symbolizes your eternal feeling and the unity of your souls.

The date of the wedding tattooed on the ring finger is also great idea.

It may be just a simple yet elegant abstract heart tattoo.

Phrases can be tattooed on the right finger. I do or Ditto tattoos are popular.

It may be Chinese symbol for marriage or love on the finger or another part of the body.

Indian wedding rituals are amazing. Mehndi, the temporary wedding tattoos, are traditional for Indian brides. Henna wedding tattoo signifies the strength of the marriage and the love the bride will receive after it. Henna tattoos are done on the hands and feet of the bride. The patterns are complicated and look amazingly. The tattoo of darker colors stands for longer and stronger marriage.

Irish Claddagh symbol of friendship, love and loyalty look great on the finger.

It may be anything you need that you two want to see on the fingers and the bodies of each other. The design should remind you of your unit and love. Man can get completely different tattoo than his woman- it's up to the couple to decide. The design and the size of finger tattoo also depend on the size of your finger and the area available for tattoo. You may consult your tattoo artist and you'll definitely get some unique and interesting ideas.

And don't forget that tattooing is not only the way of symbolizing your wedding and love but the procedure which requires safety. Make sure your tattoo maker uses high quality tattoo equipment, disposable tattoo tools and sterile needles. Tattoo ink should be manufactured by trusted brands and autoclave should be applied to necessary tools.