Urban Tattoo

Facial Tattoos

There are different types of tattoos and almost any part of human body can be tattooed. Some areas allow easily hiding the art and some are always in sight. Facial tattoos are probably the most noticeable and impressive. There are lots of aspects regarding facial tattoo and if you are thinking about getting your face tattooed, you should think carefully. I should mention that I don't talk about cosmetic tattoos such as lip, eyebrow and eye permanent make-up.

Punk Tattoo Designs

There are various cultural groups of people who share interests in music, philosophy, literature, etc. And it usually happens that people from one social group have similar understanding of beauty and style. Tattooing is one of the most popular ways of beautifying and self-expression and some groups really enjoy getting tattooed. I'd like to have a look at punk tattoo designs. Punk culture is based on non-conforming appearance concerning hairstyle, clothing and accessories.

Hip Hop Tattoo Designs

There are multiple tattoo designs nowadays and the choice depends on many factors including one's lifestyle, preferences in literature, music, philosophy, understanding of beauty and style, etc. Music has always banded people together and nowadays hip-hop community is one of the largest. The choice of music we listen and the style of our favorite singers influence our lifestyle and the way we dress, our hairstyle and attitude to life.

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