Hip Hop Tattoo Designs

There are multiple tattoo designs nowadays and the choice depends on many factors including one's lifestyle, preferences in literature, music, philosophy, understanding of beauty and style, etc. Music has always banded people together and nowadays hip-hop community is one of the largest. The choice of music we listen and the style of our favorite singers influence our lifestyle and the way we dress, our hairstyle and attitude to life. It also concerns the choice of tattoo design. I'd like to have a look at some hip hop tattoo designs and the designs chosen by great rappers.

Hip hop tattoos are done anywhere- on the head, on the back or neck, on the chest or shoulders, etc. Sleeve tattoos are probably the most widespread though most hip hop celebrities as well as hip hoppers all over the world usually get multiple tattoos all over their bodies.

Some tattoos are done for the sake of image but most designs are deeply meaningful. Rappers have always been unique in their stories, styles and have always tried to show something individual and new. Let's see what tattoo designs the most popular rappers have.

Almost all rap-stars have innumerable tattoos on their bodies. Their backs and arms, shoulders and bellies are covered with small and large tattoo designs. We could spend days reciting all of them. So, here are just the most significant and well-known tattoos of world-known rappers. Eminem has the picture of his daughter, Hayley Jade, tattooed on the right shoulder. There is an inscription of Bonnie and Clyde under the tattoo of her name- it refers to the song written by the star in the honor of his little beauty on his first album. Jay-Z and Beyonce got wedding band tattoos. The best known tattoo of 50 Cent is on his back. It's fully covered with "50" tattoo. He has always wanted to be rich and famous and this is his choice. Lil Wayne's tear drop tattoo on the face symbolizes taking a life. Busta Rhymes have Celtic tattoos on his shoulders and arms. The most prominent tattoo of Dr. Dre is design reminding spider webs coming out from the flames on the back of his hands. LL Cool J has a microphone with "Mr. Smith" across tattooed on his right arm. There is a tattoo of praying hands on the right arm and Jesus Christ tattoo on the left arm of Ludacris.

Angel tattoos, dragon designs, Celtic and tribal tattoos are often done by hip hoppers. Those who believe in God have at least one religious design such as, for example, cross tattoo. We can also often see calligraphy tattoos on the bodies of rappers.

If you are going to get tattooed, don't forget to think about all significant aspects of tattooing and not only about tattoo placement and design. Choose trusted and creative tattoo artist with rich imagination who uses high quality tattoo equipment, disposable tattoo supplies including tattoo needles and other sterile tools, tattoo ink by trusted brands. And choose meaningful designs to enjoy! Good luck!